"What do you like best about your Orthodontist?"

“I have both of my son and daughter with Dr. Ahl and I would highly recommend her and her team. My 8 year old daughter was a more complex case as she needed the expander that you turn nightly prior to putting on her braces. The results have been remarkable. She is not fond of the dentist, but enjoys going to see Dr. Ahl and is very comfortable. My son also needed an appliance to help adjust his bite and it is progressing quickly. I can not say enough about Dr. Ahl and her team, our experience has been GREAT! I would highly recommend Ahl Orthodontics.” – Kim, Magnolia, DE

“As I child I had two set of braces to straighten my teeth from another orthodontist. At the age of 19 and planning my wedding I had some shifting of my teeth that I wanted to fix. Dr.Ahl was able to provide me with a beautiful smile before my big day and 4 years later it is still perfect! Dr. Ahl is a very passionate and caring orthodontist.  I would highly recommend her.”Jessica, Dover, DE


“I am grateful for the expertise and kindness we have received over the past several years under Dr. Ahl’s care. The willingness of Dr. Ahl to undertake a less-than-typical case – and to do so knowledgably and skillfully – has improved not only my daughter’s appearance but the quality of her social interactions. Dr. Ahl continues to address all of my questions regarding my daughter’s treatment plan thoroughly and patiently, even when the office is quite busy. Moreover, without exception, everyone with whom my daughter has interacted has been extraordinarily respectful and understanding of her physical disabilities, as well as her anxiety disorder. We have spent countless hours in medical offices over the past 11 years, and none outshines Dr. Ahl’s care warmth and professionism!”Lisa, Cambridge, MD